What I will create and what wines I choose to pair I only know after I've done the shopping. I work with the best and the freshest products the particular season will provide.

A few courses from the dinner served October 10th 2009: Shrimp tail tartar en tepan-yaki shrimp tail; Cockles with Cockle Broth; Crème of Butternut Squash & Rutabaga Turnip with White Truffle; Skate wing and Lobster ‘Ristretto’ of Lobster-Coraille & Sea Urchin; Veal Sweetbreads, Veal Cheek & Leg of Veal; Beef Back-Ribs with White Truffle; Leg of Venison with Venison Gravy & Green Asparagus; Rib of Wild Boar with ‘Pied de Mouton’ mushrooms; Breast of Woodpigeon with Duck liver; Fillet of Wild Hare with ‘Hasenpfeffer’ and pear. Download complete menu.